The Moroccan Gold

Fair Trade Argan

Fair Trade Argan Products by Calinz aims to improve the lives of farmers who often have no alternative sources of income. Supplies 100% Fair Trade, organic argan oil. Browse our wide range of Fair Trade and organic argan products. 

These products are carefully crafted and developed to their full flavor potential by our talented team. All of our Fair Trade argan nuts are sourced directly from small-scale farmers as part of a more equitable and sustainable alternative supply chain. 

Helps the Farmers

Calinz helps farmers build a small business to help more and more individuals in their communities. As a result, the popularity of argan oil has provided steady jobs and income for women in the area and their families. Through these values, we also respect our customers.

This is because we really care about offering healthy and sustainable products and in the meantime we help people develop and strengthen their ability to earn a good income. Through work, farmers increase their own willpower and can live a better life. We work in a respectful way to bring you Premium Argan Oil with respect for farmers, respect for communities and respect for the planet.

Argan Region

In addition to our own employees, we work with partners, suppliers and farmers in the Argan region. Our shared goal is to help develop thriving and resilient communities as part of a secure, long-term supply chain. Our programs and commitments are designed to support rural development, promote and respect human rights, and ensure fair employment and diversity.

We work directly with more than 300 farmers and 100 are in our supply chain. To help ensure a long-term supply of high-quality raw materials for our argan oil, we need to understand where and how our ingredients are produced, support the farmers who supply us, and promote rural development.


We include in this process our commitment to continue to improve the welfare of the farmers. Want to know more about our Fairtrade program? CONTACT US.

We support a program in Morocco to promote corporate social responsibility in the argan supply chain. The program works with an umbrella organization in which 5 farmer cooperatives collect argan nuts.

In addition to providing access to education and health care, the cooperatives offer the farmers the opportunity to earn money. With greater financial independence, farmers can send their children to school and support their families. The argan oil trade has brought about changes that will affect many families

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