Shipping & Returns


Orders are automatically put into production and shipped. Therefore, once they are placed, they cannot be cancelled.

What is your return policy?

We understand that errors can occur, both in the operation of Calinz and when we are out of control during delivery. However, we cannot easily accept returns due to the strict EcoCert, ONSSA, USDA and FDA food safety standards we meet. With this in mind, there are two situations in which we will offer a product replacement: If an item other than you ordered was shipped by Calinz in a warehouse error If freight damage occurred in transit, prior to the point you accepted delivery and through the fault of the shipper. This situation requires photo and mail to Calinz customer service.

Calinz’s step-by-step return policy must be followed to be eligible for replacement or refund. If you received a different item than ordered. Mistakes are rare, but they can happen. If you believe you have received an item other than what you ordered, please refuse delivery and contact our customer service department within one (1) business day of delivery.


Please have the following information noted for your review: Order Number Order Date and the item you ordered. With this information we will try to solve it for you immediately.


WARNING: Do not open any of the packaging or break the product seals. This will make your product ineligible for replacement or refund. All sales are final. If you have accidentally placed an order for the wrong product, replacements and refunds are not available.

If your product has been damaged in transit. If your product sustained damage in transit before it was delivered, you may be eligible for a replacement or refund. If your product is damaged upon delivery, you must refuse delivery of this product and report any shipping problems or damage to your order within one (1) business day of delivery.

Step-by-step return process to be eligible for a return:

Take photos of the damaged product. Email our online storefront customer service department the following information to begin the return process: Photos of the damaged product. Your name, Order number Order date Product name Packaging type Detailed description of the damage suffered Send this email to Calinz- Online customer service. Without a photo and email, your order will not be eligible for replacement or refund.


If you have any questions about this process, please contact our customer service.

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